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>> > Btw, It occurs to me that then win in code-size might be purely due to the
>> > smaller base value for the TU size we use to compute the maximum unit
>> > growth with ... any idea how to improve it on this side?  Say, computing
>> > the TU size before early optimization (uh, probably not ...)
>> >
>> > That said, the inliner always completely fills its budged, that is, 
>> > increase
>> > the unit by max-unit-growth?
>> What I'm trying to say is that rather than limiting early inlining we should
>> maybe decrease inline-unit-growth when FDO is in effect?  Because we
>> can better control where the inlining goes.  If there is over 8% reduction
>> in size benchmarking (unpatched) compiler on Firefox with FDO and
>> --param inline-unit-growth=12 might show if the results are the same.
>> Richard.
>> > Richard.
> AFAIK, param inline-unit-growth only affects pass_ipa_inline. However, the 
> code
> size reduction achieved with my patch is from pass_early_inline.

Any inlining you don't do at early inlining time will a) decrease the
size inline-unit-growth
is computed on b) just delays inlining to IPA inlining (with the now
more constrained size budget).


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