Committed as revision 240301.

I will deal with Gerhard Steinmetz's additional ICE's this morning. I
notice that Steve provided a patch for at least one of them.



On 20 September 2016 at 23:04, Jerry DeLisle <> wrote:
> On 09/20/2016 01:15 PM, Paul Richard Thomas wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Once found, the fix for this PR is trivial. The generic name is only
>> to be found in the parent derived type. Since this is over-ridden in
>> the type extension, not only is the wrong symbol selected for the dtio
>> procedure but, being abstract, the procedure does not exist. The
>> mechanism is borrowed from resolve.c(resolve_typebound_generic_call).
>> This goes back with the generic procedure name and looks again for the
>> procedure in the type extension. The testcase is a dejagnuified
>> version of the original.
>> Bootstraps and regtests on x86_64/FC21 - OK for trunk?
> OK, thanks Paul.
> Jerry

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