On Wed, 21 Sep 2016, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> The simduid pass uses the cfun->has_simduid_loops flag to determine if it
> needs to clean up any left-over GOMP_SIMD_* internal functions.
> During inlining, we set the flag if we inline some loop with simduid, or if
> we find GOMP_SIMD_ORDERED_* internal call, but the testcase shows that we
> need to do that for the other GOMP_SIMD_* ifns too, because what we inline
> might have turned the loop->simduid loops into non-loops (or they might not
> exist from the beginning because simd region had noreturn body).

I think this means that the comment at the declaration of has_simduid in
function.h needs to be updated.

I see that there are other places in the compiler that propagate the has_simduid
property. Now that the property is tied to just the presence of GOMP_SIMD_xyz
IFNs, won't those other places need changes too?

I wonder why this property is propagated with such fine granularity in the first
place. Wouldn't it be simpler and almost as efficient to propagate it on the
function basis, i.e. when inlining A into B set it on B if A had it, without
regard for whether uses in A have already been DCE'd?


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