* Carlos O'Donell:

>> Yes, and for the warning to go away, GCC's MALLOC_ABI_ALIGNMENT needs
>> to be increased as well, I think.
> This is not required.

Strictly speaking, that's true.

> The __attribute__((__aligned__(16))); is not required for pthread locks
> to work correctly, it is simply there to ensure structure padding and
> layout matches the pre-NPTL ABI to ensure we don't break ABI.
> In the original Linuxthreads code there was indeed a singular lock word
> that needed 16-byte alignment because the hppa 'load and clear word'
> atomic operation needed that alignment.
> In NPTL the alignment restrictions are lifted and we use a light-weight
> kernel helper (like ARM and m68k) which does compare-and-swap atomically
> using kernel-side locks (synchronized with futex operations in the
> kernel).
> So the alignment is only needed for structure layout.
> Malloc can return word aligned memory for a pthread_mutex_t and it would
> work just fine.

There is a slight risk that subsequent members will not sufficient
alignment if such an alignment was requested explicitly by the

> The broader question is: How do we get rid of the warning?

We could add a “please align inside struct, but do not increase the
top-most struct alignment” feature to GCC if it does not have one yet.

But I don't think it's worth this effort to do this just for HPPA.

We should bump MALLOC_ABI_ALIGNMENT and max_align_t and be done with
it.  I don't see anything else worth doing which also gets rid of the
warning.  It's also fairly simple conceptually and carries less risk
of breaking in unexpected ways later.

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