What I would be even more grateful for is a review of the error
prone parts like those that caused the bootstrap failure.  I.e.,
any lingering assumptions about integer sizes between the host

I must say I'm surprised you do all your computations in HOST_WIDE_INT,
rather than say in wide_int, then you could just compare against
TYPE_{MIN,MAX}_VALUE (TYPE_DOMAIN (integer_type_node)) instead of inventing
a function for that.  As for the warn_* vs. flag_* stuff, it just looked
that the warn_* is tested in lots of functions invoked even for the return
length folding, so it is much harder to prove whether it works properly or

Well, chalk that up to my ignorance of a better/more appropriate
API.  I'll be happy to switch to using it if it simplifies things.
Thanks for the tip!


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