On Thu, 22 Sep 2016, Prathamesh Kulkarni wrote:

> Would that be acceptable ? I am not sure how to make %Z check if the
> argument has type vec<int> *
> since vec<int> is not really a builtin C type.
> Could you suggest me a better solution so that the format checker will check
> if arg has type vec<int> * instead of checking if it's just a pointer ?
> Also for testing, should I create a testcase in g++.dg since
> gcc.dg/format/ tests are C-only ?

If it's C++-only then it would need to be in g++.dg.

The way we handle GCC-specific types in checking these formats is that the 
code using these formats has to define typedefs which the format-checking 
code then looks up.  In most cases it can just look up names like 
location_t or tree, but for HOST_WIDE_INT it looks up 
__gcc_host_wide_int__ which the user must have defined as a typedef.  
Probably that's the way to go in this case: the user must do "typedef 
vec<int> __gcc_vec_int__;" or similar, and the code looks up 

Joseph S. Myers

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