Martin Sebor <> writes:

> [...]
>> In-tree only the versions that download_prerequisite picks are
>> tested and guaranteed to work.
> I was made aware today that my recent patch for pr49905 broke
> bootstrap with MPFR 2.4:
> In light of this risk and given that the recommended MPFR version
> is still 2.4 I wonder if the download_prerequisites script shouldn't
> instead download the minimum supported version.  That way those of
> us working with MPFR but not intimately familiar with its version
> specific details would have an easier way of avoiding such breakage.
> Alternatively, perhaps the script could be extended to make it
> possible to choose between the most recent and the recommended
> versions of the prerequisites that GCC is intended to work with,
> and people who make use of either in their code encouraged to
> test with both.

As some of you might already be aware of, I'm currently trying to get a
new version of the `contrib/download_prerequisites` script approved that
will verify the checksums of the tarballs it downloads and also provides
additional options.  If it is considered useful, I could add an option
to it that would do what you suggest.  Am I understanding correctly that
we have a "minimum", "recommended" and "most recent" version for each
dependency and that the script currently uses the "most recent" one?  If
the feature is wanted, all I'd need is somebody to tell me the version

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