On 09/22/2016 07:52 AM, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
On 11/07/16 17:56, Andre Vieira (lists) wrote:
diff --git a/gcc/target.def b/gcc/target.def
--- a/gcc/target.def
+++ b/gcc/target.def
@@ -432,6 +432,19 @@ this section is associated.",
   void, (const char *name, unsigned int flags, tree decl),

+/* Tell assembler what section attributes to assign this elf section
+   declaration, using their numerical value.  */
+ "If the target needs to represent ELF section attributes using their\n\
+numerical value, then this hook should be implemented to return true and\n\
+write the numerical value of @var{flags} in @var{num}.  This function is\n\
+called by @code{default_elf_asm_named_section}, which prints @var{num}\n\
+as the value representing the ELF section attributes if this function\n\
+returns true.",

I think this should read something like.

This hook can be used to encode ELF section flags for which no letter
code has been defined in the assembler.  It is called by
@code{default_asm_named_section} whenever the section flags need to be
emitted in the assembler output.  If the hook returns true, then the
numerical value for ELF section flags should be calculated from
@var{flags} and saved in @var{*num}; the value will be printed out
instead of the normal sequence of letter codes.  If the hook is not
defined, or if it returns false, then @var{num} will be ignored and the
traditional letter sequence will be emitted.

Can we please write this in the present tense instead of the future, assuming it describes current behavior (as modified by the patch)?

s/will be/is/g


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