On 10/12/2016 12:26 PM, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
What do you mean at most?  level 0 is the warning disabled, that is the
default except for -Wextra.

I think level 0 has to be on the table for -Wextra as well, depending on the signal-to-noise ratio of level 1.

Collapsing 3-5 levels is a bad idea, various projects will want to only
rely on attributes, especially if other compilers only support attributes
and nothing else, which is why there is level 5.  Levels 4 and 3 give choice
on how much free form the comments are.

But I think the data we have points towards that being a meaningless choice. So maybe I got the levels wrong and 2-4 is what we should be collapsing.

Another thing, was it ever resolved what this warning does to tools like
ccache which like to operate on preprocessed files?

We already have 2 real-world PRs about cases like:

Yeah. Another reason why I think level 0 (i.e. off) should be seriously considered for -Wextra.


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