On Wed, 12 Oct 2016, Richard Biener wrote:

> I'd say what applies to PA should apply equally well to the pdp11 and
> the alpha port ...
> But usually the question is just whether the port has a maintainer
> and/or whether it is
> a maintainance burden to keep it (say, last user of obsolete feature X).

Last users of obsolete feature "defines TARGET_HAVE_NAMED_SECTIONS to 
false": 32-bit PA HP-UX (64-bit HP-UX is ELF like GNU/Linux, so OK), 
pdp11, pre-ELF OpenBSD ports.  (I'm not aware of that obsolete feature 
particularly causing problems, however.  But the implication for pdp11 
would be that if the port were to stay with that feature being removed, it 
should move to ELF - the e_machine value EM_PDP11 having been allocated by 
Lars Brinkhoff on 30 May 2002, but I don't know if there's an ABI.)

Joseph S. Myers

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