Hi Jeff,

On 10.10.16 23:10, Jeff Law wrote:
On 10/10/2016 03:07 PM, Andreas Tobler wrote:
Hi all,

the attached patch brings support for the aarch64-*-freebsd* target.

Bootstraped and tested, results on the list. Not that many results due
to board instabilities.... I lack a cavium ;)

Ok for main? And if yes, how far can I backport? Down to 5.4?



2016-10-10  Andreas Tobler  <andre...@gcc.gnu.org>

    * config.host: Add support for aarch64-*-freebsd*.


2016-10-10  Andreas Tobler  <andre...@gcc.gnu.org>

    * config.gcc: Add aarch64-*-freebsd* support.
    * config.host: Likewise.
    * config/aarch64/aarch64-freebsd.h: New file.
    * config/aarch64/t-aarch64-freebsd: Ditto.


2016-10-10  Andreas Tobler <andre...@gcc.gnu.org>

    * configure.ac: Add aarch64-*-freebsd*.
    * configure: Regenerate.
Certainly OK for the trunk.  Jakub, Richi & Joseph make the rules for
the release branches.

I had a chat with Jakub and I learned as long as there is no branch freeze or such, every global reviewer can approve such a patch backport. So may I ask you, would you mind approving this patch for 6.x and 5.x?


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