Hi Andrew,

> Sorry it's taken soooo long to review this patch.
This is understandable, it is a quite large patch and changes a lot of items.

> In general I like this, and think it's a step in the right direction.
> I have a few pretty minor concerns, but hopefully nothing too
> contentious.
> In general I like the use of the *.def files, but my only concern is
> the lack of explanation in any of them about what they're for.  It
> would be nice if each had a summary of what each field represents to
> make it easier to add new entries.

This is a good point, I will add extra info on how to add new entries.

> The use of arc_seen_options can, I think be replaced by using
> global_opts_seen.x_target_flags, or maybe there's a detail I'm not
> understanding, in which case maybe a comment somewhere to explain why
> those two things are different.

I cannot remember why I haven't use the global_options_set, but I will try as u 

> The only thing I dislike in this patch is the switch from 'arc_cpu' to
> a set of global boolean flags.  I can't see why we'd ever want more
> than one of those architecture flags to be true, so I'd rather we
> switched back to an enum if that's possible.
I remember, initially I wanted to use enums, but I bumped into an issue, don't 
remember exactly what.  As far as I can see now, it perfectly make sense your 

I will come back to u with extra info/revised patch asap,

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