I thought I had already done this, but apparently not.  I added these because
of -Wimplicit-fallthrough, but they're no longer needed, so remove it to not
suppress any possible useful warnings.

Bootstrapped/regtested on x86_64-linux, ppc64-linux and aarch64-linux,
ok for trunk?

2016-10-13  Marek Polacek  <pola...@redhat.com>

        * Makefile.in (insn-attrtab.o-warn, insn-dfatab.o-warn,
        insn-latencytab.o-warn, insn-output.o-warn, insn-emit.o-warn): Don't
        use -Wno-error.

diff --git gcc/Makefile.in gcc/Makefile.in
index 76b77ab..d6e44e4 100644
--- gcc/Makefile.in
+++ gcc/Makefile.in
@@ -218,11 +218,6 @@ libgcov-merge-tool.o-warn = -Wno-error
 gimple-match.o-warn = -Wno-unused
 generic-match.o-warn = -Wno-unused
 dfp.o-warn = -Wno-strict-aliasing
-insn-attrtab.o-warn = -Wno-error
-insn-dfatab.o-warn = -Wno-error
-insn-latencytab.o-warn = -Wno-error
-insn-output.o-warn = -Wno-error
-insn-emit.o-warn = -Wno-error
 # All warnings have to be shut off in stage1 if the compiler used then
 # isn't gcc; configure determines that.  WARN_CFLAGS will be either


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