Hi Bin,

On 15/10/16 00:15, Bin Cheng wrote:
+/* Test for likely overcommitment of vector hardware resources.  If a
+   loop iteration is relatively large, and too large a percentage of
+   instructions in the loop are vectorized, the cost model may not
+   adequately reflect delays from unavailable vector resources.
+   Penalize the loop body cost for this case.  */
+static void
+aarch64_density_test (struct aarch64_vect_loop_cost_data *data)
+  const int DENSITY_PCT_THRESHOLD = 85;
+  const int DENSITY_SIZE_THRESHOLD = 128;
+  const int DENSITY_PENALTY = 10;
+  struct loop *loop = data->loop_info;
+  basic_block *bbs = get_loop_body (loop);

Is this worth being part of the cost model such that it can have different defaults for different micro-architecture?


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