On 16 October 2016 at 11:29, Prathamesh Kulkarni
<prathamesh.kulka...@linaro.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> After approval from Bernd Schmidt, I committed the patch to remove
> optab functions for
> sdivmod_optab and udivmod_optab in optabs.def, which removes the block
> for divmod patch.
> This patch is mostly the same as previous one, except it drops
> targeting __udivmoddi4() because
> it gave undefined reference link error for calling __udivmoddi4() on
> aarch64-linux-gnu.
> It appears aarch64 has hardware insn for DImode div, so __udivmoddi4()
> isn't needed for the target
> (it was a bug in my patch that called __udivmoddi4() even though
> aarch64 supported hardware div).
> However this makes me wonder if it's guaranteed that __udivmoddi4()
> will be available for a target if it doesn't have hardware div and
> divmod insn and doesn't have target-specific libfunc for
> DImode divmod ? To be conservative, the attached patch doesn't
> generate call to __udivmoddi4.
> Passes bootstrap+test on x86_64-unknown-linux.
> Cross-tested on arm*-*-*, aarch64*-*-*.
> Verified that there are no regressions with SPEC2006 on
I mean no regressions from correctness perspective, I didn't benchmark
the patch.
> x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.
> OK to commit ?
> Thanks,
> Prathamesh

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