> > No, "mode" is the mode of the MEM, not that of the SYMBOL_REF.
> I still don't see it, could you explain a bit more?

MODE is the mode of operands[1] before:

          operands[1] = force_const_mem (mode, operands[1]);

and after.  But the test is on the address of the MEM, not on the MEM itself:

          if (TARGET_TOC
              && GET_CODE (XEXP (operands[1], 0)) == SYMBOL_REF
              && use_toc_relative_ref (XEXP (operands[1], 0), Pmode))

because it's the mode of SYMBOL_REF we are interesting in (and force_const_mem 
guarantees that it's Pmode).  IOW you could theoretically have mode == SImode 
and we would still need to pass Pmode to use_toc_relative_ref (of course the 
whole thing is guarded with mode == Pmode so that's a little artificial).

Eric Botcazou

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