Hi Paul,

> For reasons I don't understand, sometimes the expression type comes
> through as BT_DERIVED, whilst the symbol is BT_CLASS. I could repair
> this in resolve.c(fixup_array_ref) if you think that would be cleaner.

I think that I figured the rule:

- when no _class-ref is present, then the type is BT_CLASS,
- as soon as a _class-ref is present the type is BT_DERIVED. 

There is an attr.is_class. Would that be an alternative? I don't know how
reliable it is set.

> > I am regression testing my polymorhpic class patch at the moment, therefore
> > I can't test.  
> OK - I can wait. I have quite a few other things to do :-(

I found an error in my patch that only manifests itself with an optimization
level great than 0. Now I am searching, never having done anything there.

- Andre
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