A number of the "variant" testcases fail to build on AIX and targets
that use stabs.  The failure looks like:

internal compiler error: tree check: expected field_decl, have
template_decl in int_bit_position, at tree.h:5396

which occurs in dbxout_type_fields()

  /* Output the name, type, position (in bits), size (in bits) of each
     field that we can support.  */
  for (tem = TYPE_FIELDS (type); tem; tem = DECL_CHAIN (tem))
          if (VAR_P (tem))
              stabstr_C (',');
              stabstr_D (int_bit_position (tem));
              stabstr_C (',');
              stabstr_D (tree_to_uhwi (DECL_SIZE (tem)));
              stabstr_C (';');

where tem is a TEMPLATE_DECL.  The dbxout code currently skips
TYPE_DECL, nameless fields, and CONST_DECL.

dbxout_type_methods() explicitly skips TEMPLATE_DECLs with the comment
"The debugger doesn't know what to do with such entities anyhow", so
this proposed patch skips them in dbxout_type_fields() as well.


Thanks, David

PR debug/66419
PR c++/78235
* dbxout.c (dbxout_type_fields): Skip TEMPLATE_DECLs.

Index: dbxout.c
--- dbxout.c    (revision 243118)
+++ dbxout.c    (working copy)
@@ -1479,6 +1479,7 @@ dbxout_type_fields (tree type)

       /* Omit here local type decls until we know how to support them.  */
       if (TREE_CODE (tem) == TYPE_DECL
+         || TREE_CODE (tem) == TEMPLATE_DECL
          /* Omit here the nameless fields that are used to skip bits.  */
          || DECL_IGNORED_P (tem)
          /* Omit fields whose position or size are variable or too large to

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