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> On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 3:55 PM, Pekka Jääskeläinen <pe...@parmance.com> 
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>> Hi,
>> A gentle ping...
> Looking at 002/
> What's the reason of having brig-builtins.def?  I do not see any
> middle-end stuff using them
> and if you just emit calls to the runtime then you do not need
> "builtins" for this -- just build
> the function decls in the frontend.  The Fortran frontend has examples
> for how to do that
> for almost all entries to the libgfortran runtime.
> So all changes besides in brig/ look unnecessary to me.

Most of the HSAIL instructions represented as builtins here are fine
grained enough for
them to be candidates for expanding as sensible target instruction
sequences instead of runtime
function calls.

I understand that there is no code in any of the targets to do so yet.
But still I wonder is it
meaningful to convert them to direct runtime function calls -- if/when
a target wants
to optimize their HSAIL codegen they have to be moved back. Especially given
the BRIG FE is not enabled by default and the inclusion of the BRIG
builtins is done
only if enabled, does it cause harm?


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