Hi Andreas,

On Sun, Aug 06, 2017 at 10:08:23AM +0200, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-extract-exp-2.c  (test for errors, line 
> 18)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-extract-exp-2.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-extract-exp-5.c  (test for errors, line 
> 18)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-extract-exp-5.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-extract-sig-2.c  (test for errors, line 
> 16)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-extract-sig-2.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-extract-sig-5.c  (test for errors, line 
> 16)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-extract-sig-5.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-insert-exp-11.c  (test for errors, line 
> 20)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-insert-exp-11.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-insert-exp-2.c  (test for errors, line 20)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-insert-exp-2.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-insert-exp-5.c  (test for errors, line 20)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-insert-exp-5.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-insert-exp-8.c  (test for errors, line 20)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/bfp/scalar-insert-exp-8.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/cmpb-3.c  (test for errors, line 12)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/cmpb-3.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/byte-in-set-2.c  (test for errors, line 15)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/byte-in-set-2.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/vsu/vec-xl-len-13.c  (test for errors, line 17)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/vsu/vec-xl-len-13.c (test for excess errors)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/vsu/vec-xst-len-13.c  (test for errors, line 18)
> FAIL: gcc.target/powerpc/vsu/vec-xst-len-13.c (test for excess errors)

What target?  What configure options?  What runtest options?  What
binutils version?  What is the actual CPU?

Or, do you have a link to a gcc-testresults post with that info?


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