On 01/02/18 17:26, Joseph Myers wrote:
On Thu, 1 Feb 2018, Kyrill  Tkachov wrote:

Hi Joseph, aarch64 maintainers,

On 28/09/17 13:31, Joseph Myers wrote:
Many GCC tests fail for AArch64 with current binutils because of
assembler warnings of the form "Warning: ignoring incorrect section
type for .init_array.00100".  The same issue was fixed for ARM in
r247015 by using SECTION_NOTYPE when creating those sections; this
patch applies the same fix to AArch64.

Tested with no regressions with cross to aarch64-linux-gnu. OK to
There is a user request to backport this patch to the GCC 7 and 6
branches: PR 84168.

Would that be acceptable?
I don't object, but I'm not aware of this being a regression.

I think it's been present since the beginning of the port so
it's not a regression, just a user request for a bugfix backport.

The patch applies, bootstraps and tests cleanly on both branches FWIW.


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