On Wed, Feb 07 2018, Franz Sirl wrote:
> Hi,
> this is the result of an attempt to minimize the differences between the
> compile results of a Linux-based and a Cygwin64-based powerpc-eabi cross
> toolchain.
> The method used was:
>      - find the -fverbose-asm assembler files that differ
>      - compile that file again on both platforms with
>         -O2 -g3 -fdump-tree-all-all -fdump-rtl-all -fdump-noaddr
>      - look for the first dump file with differences and check that pass
>        for qsort's
>      - stabilize the compare functions
> With some help on IRC to better understand the passes and some serious
> debugging of GCC I came up with this patch. On the tested codebase the
> differences in the assembler sources are now down to 0.
> If the various pass maintainers have better ideas on how to stabilize
> the compare functions, I'll be happy to verify them on the codebase.
> For the SRA patch I already have an alternate version with an additional
> ID member.
> Comments?

As I said on IRC, if you find this useful, I'm fine with having the SRA
hunk (but note that I cannot approve it).  In any event, IMHO this is
stage 1 material, however.



> Bootstrapped on linux-x86_64, no testsuite regressions.
> Franz Sirl
> 2018-02-07  Franz Sirl <franz.sirl-ker...@lauterbach.com>
>      * ira-build.c (object_range_compare_func): Stabilize sort.
>      * tree-sra.c (compare_access_positions): Likewise.
>      * varasm.c (output_object_block_compare): Likewise.
>      * tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c (group_compare_offset): Likewise.
>      (struct iv_common_cand): New member.
>      (record_common_cand): Initialize new member.
>      (common_cand_cmp): Use new member to stabilize sort.
>      * tree-vrp.c (struct assert_locus): New member.
>      (register_new_assert_for): Initialize new member.
>      (compare_assert_loc): Use new member to stabilize sort.

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