Hi Carl,

On Fri, Feb 09, 2018 at 08:22:57AM -0800, Carl Love wrote:
> The following patch contains fixes for the builtins4-runnable.c test in
> 32-bit mode for the current GCC 8 branch.  This is issue #290 in Bill
> Schmidt's issues.  The int128 and uint128 variable types are not
> supported in 32-bit mode.  The tests were moved to a new test file and
> restricted to run only when int128 type is supported.

> 2018-02-09  Carl Love  <c...@us.ibm.com>
>       * gcc.target/powerpc/builtins-4-runnable.c (main): Move 
> int128 and
>       uint128 tests to new testfile.
>       * gcc.target/powerpc/builtins-4-int128-runnable.c: New testfile
> for
>       int128 and uint128 tests.
>       * gcc.target/powerpc/powerpc.exp: Add builtins-4-int128-
> runnable.c to
>       list oftorture tests.

Missing space (and the layout is messed up a bit, that's your mailer
I guess -- the patch is wrapped as well, that's not good).

Okay for trunk.  Thanks!


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