On Fri, Feb 09, 2018 at 06:13:34PM +0100, Janus Weil wrote:
> the attached patch fixes some checking code for PASS arguments in
> procedure-pointer components, which does not properly account for the
> fact that the PASS argument needs to be polymorphic.
> [The reason for this issue is probably that PPCs were mostly
> implemented before polymorphism was available. The corresponding
> pass-arg checks for TBPs are ok.]
> The patch also fixes an invalid test case (which was detected thanks
> to Neil Carlson). It regtests cleanly on x86_64-linux-gnu. Ok for
> trunk?


The patch looks ok to me.  Trunk is in regression and doc
fixes only mode, so you'll probably need to ping Jakub or
Richard (ie., release engineer) for an ok. 

PS: Welcome back!  We can definitely use your talent.


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