Hello world,

I just committed (in two attempts...) the patch below as obvious.
Reading a byte is fine on some operating systems, just not on

I verified this on AIX first.

I'll keep the PR open for a few days to see if this fix really works
on all affected system.



-! { dg-do run { xfail *-*-freebsd* *-*-dragonfly* hppa*-*-hpux* powerpc-ibm-aix* } }
+! { dg-do run }
 ! PR67367
 program bug
    implicit none
@@ -12,7 +11,7 @@ program bug
       call abort
    end if
    read(10, iostat=ios) c
-   if (ios.ne.21) then
+   if (ios.ne.21.and.ios.ne.0) then
       close(10, status='delete')
       call abort
    end if

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