On 02/02/2018 11:58 AM, Martin Sebor wrote:
The design of the attribute exclusion framework includes
support for different exclusions applying to different
kinds of declarations (functions, types, and variables
or fields), but the support is incomplete -- the logic
to consider these differences is missing.  This is
because the differences are apparently rare.  However,
as the bug below points out, they do exist.

PR middle-end/84108 - incorrect -Wattributes warning for
packed/aligned conflict on struct members, shows that while
declaring a non-member variable aligned is enough to reduce
the its alignment and declaring it both aligned and packed
triggers a -Wattributes warning:

  int a __attribute__((packed, aligned (2)));   // -Wattributes

a struct member must be declared both aligned and packed in
order to have its alignment reduced.  (Declaring a member
just aligned has no effect and doesn't cause a warning).

  struct S {
    int b __attribute__((packed, aligned (2)));
    int c __attribute__((aligned (2)));           // no effect

As a result of the incomplete logic GCC 8 issues a -Wattributes
for the declaration of b in the struct.

By adding the missing logic the attached patch lets GCC avoid
the spurious warning.

I considered adding support for detecting the ineffective
attribute aligned on the declaration of the member c at
the same time but since that's not a regression I decided
to defer that until GCC 9.  I opened bug 84185 to track it.

Tested on x86_64-linux with no regressions.


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