Hi Igor,

On Wed, 14 Feb 2018, Tsimbalist, Igor V wrote:
> MPX is going to be deprecated in gcc-8. Control-flow protection support 
> is in gcc-8. Reflect these in Release Notes for gcc-8.

thanks for this update.  Only some minor changes, then this is
good to go.

>>   <li>
>>     A new option <code>-fcf-protection=[full|branch|return|none]</code> is
>>     introduced to perform a code instrumentation to increase program 
>> security by

"performs code instrumentation" (omit "a")

>>     checking that target addresses of control-flow transfer instructions 
>> (such as
>>     indirect function call, function return, indirect jump) are valid. 
>> Currently
>>     the instrumentation is supported on x86 GNU/Linux target only.

"on x86 GNU/Linux targets" (since there are several such as i586, 

>>     See, the user

No comma.

>>   <li>
>>     GCC now supports the Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET)
>>     extension through <code>-mibt, -mshstk, -mcet</code> options. One of 
>> these

"...through the <code>-mibt</code>, <code>-mshstk</code>, and 
<code>-mcet</code> options"


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