This patch has broken bootstrap of a cross toolchain for x86_64 (the case 
where inhibit_libc is defined because there is no libc for the target 
available at that stage in the bootstrap process).

In file included from 
                 from ./md-unwind-support.h:27,
                 from /scratch/jmyers/glibc-bot/src/gcc/libgcc/unwind-dw2.c:411:
../../.././gcc/mm_malloc.h:27:10: fatal error: stdlib.h: No such file or 
 #include <stdlib.h>

The patch makes shadow-stack-unwind.h include <x86intrin.h>, which ends up 
including <mm_malloc.h>, which includes <stdlib.h> and <errno.h> 
unconditionally.  You can't include any libc system headers 
unconditionally from libgcc (only when inhibit_libc is not defined - and 
<mm_malloc.h>, being an installed header, can't test inhibit_libc because 
it's in the user's namespace).  So I think you need to avoid the 
mm_malloc.h include here somehow (without adding any inhibit_libc 
conditionals to installed headers).

Joseph S. Myers

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