Hi Oleg,

Sorry, for some reason your emails did not ended up in Inbox, I was quite 
surprized when Nick's email started with Hi Oleg.

>>Do you happen to have any other numbers on the resulting code
The original patch from DJ was present in my local sources since 4.7 so all the 
benchmarks (CSIBE etc.) were done on that version (when the patch was initially 
Of course I re-tested the patch when I applied it to the trunk (but I didn't 
re-tested CSIBE) the only problem I spotted was the multiplication with the 

Best Regards,

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH] RX TARGET_RTX_COSTS function
> Hi Oleg,
> > Ping.
> Sorry - I am not very good at spotting RX bugs on the gcc-patches list. :-(
> >> gcc/ChangeLog:
> >>    * config/rx/rx.c (rx_rtx_costs): New function.
> >>    (TARGET_RTX_COSTS): Override to use rx_rtx_costs.
> Approved - please apply.
> Cheers
>   Nick

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