On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 06:08:23PM +0000, Paul Richard Thomas wrote:
> The original bug is fixed as 'obvious' in revision 257938. This is
> indeed a regression.
> The bug in comments 2 and 7 is fixed in revision 257934. This,
> however, is not a regression. The summary will be changed accordingly.
> The 'obvious' tag comes about because both bugs have a common origin:
> referencing the components of ns->proc_name without testing to see if
> it is there.
> Should I close this or should I apply the second part to 7-branch?

If the back port is a trivial effort, then I would back port
to try to keep 6, 7, and trunk somewhat in sync.  This is
simply to aid in maintenance against future bug reports. I'll
leave the "trivial" decision up to you.


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