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>> For the middle-end part I'd like to see output_function_exception_table take
>> an enum with two members with appropriate name - I see there wasn't
>> documentation for the function but your change doesn't make semantics more
>> clear, esp.
>> -  output_one_function_exception_table (0);
>> -  if (crtl->eh.call_site_record_v[1])
>> -    output_one_function_exception_table (1);
>> +  output_one_function_exception_table (section);
>> looks like we now might output only once while we did twice before...
>> Looking at the two changed callers doesn't shed enough light on this
>> either...
> See output_one_function_exception_table itself which has the same argument and
> the other functions in the file: 0 corresponds to the table for hot part while
> 1 corresponds to the table for the cold part (if any).  Before the change,
> output_function_exception_table outputs both parts at once whereas, after the
> change, it outputs one part at a time, and thus is called twice from final.c.

I see.

> I can certainly add the missing documentation for this whole section stuff.

Please.  Ok with that change.


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