[snip the various clarifications]

Il 7 Marzo 2018 17:57:07 CET, Jason Merrill <ja...@redhat.com> ha scritto:
>My thought was that this patch adds a lot of managing of the flag in
>different places in the parser, whereas looking for error_mark_node in
>the template parms here would be just in one place.  But if you prefer
>the current approach, that's fine, it's straightforward enough.

Thanks a lot for the various clarifications above, where essentially turns out 
that some details of my patch are correct essentially by chance ;) Seriously, 
I'm thinking the following: since 8 is getting real close, what if, for 8, for 
the known mild regressions, we go ahead with my super safe Plan B which I 
mentioned at beginning of the thread, then as soon as trunk branches we 
immediately apply my patch and we give it a serious spin, say we rebuild 
distros with it, and see what happens?


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