On 03/13/18 00:56, Andrew Sadek wrote:
Ok, so you mean with '-fPIC -mpic-data-text-relative' as I do in my test case ? If all is Ok, execution and compilation shall ideally pass for the test cases.


I want to make sure of two things:
  -- Your patch doesn't break anything (i.e., cause a regression) when
     you don't use the options.  This seems complete.
  -- Your patch works as intended when you do use the options.

But I have noticed that there are some output pattern checks done in some test cases and this may fail since the output assembly is different,
anyway I shall give it a try and send you the results with the new options.

There should be no target dependencies in the generic GCC tests.
Different instruction patterns which generate the correct results should
not be a problem.

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