On 04/11/2018 10:02 AM, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 09:48:05AM +0200, Andreas Krebbel wrote:
>> c-c++-common/attr-nonstring-3.c fails on IBM Z. The reason appears to be
>> that we provide builtin implementations for strcpy and stpcpy.  The
>> warnings currently will only be emitted when expanding these as normal
>> calls.
>> Bootstrapped and regression tested on x86_64 and s390x.
>> Ok?
>> gcc/ChangeLog:
>> 2018-04-11  Andreas Krebbel  <kreb...@linux.vnet.ibm.com>
>>      * builtins.c (expand_builtin_strcpy): Invoke
>>      maybe_warn_nonstring_arg.
>>      (expand_builtin_stpcpy): Likewise.
> Don't you then warn twice if builtin implementations for strcpy and stpcpy
> aren't available or can't be used, once here and once in calls.c?

Looks like this could happen if the expander is present but rejects expansion. 
I basically copied
this from the strcmp builtin which looks like possibly running into the same 

  /* Check to see if the argument was declared attribute nonstring
     and if so, issue a warning since at this point it's not known
     to be nul-terminated.  */
  tree fndecl = get_callee_fndecl (exp);
  maybe_warn_nonstring_arg (fndecl, exp);

  if (result)
      /* Return the value in the proper mode for this function.  */
      machine_mode mode = TYPE_MODE (TREE_TYPE (exp));
      if (GET_MODE (result) == mode)
        return result;
      if (target == 0)
        return convert_to_mode (mode, result, 0);
      convert_move (target, result, 0);
      return target;

  /* Expand the library call ourselves using a stabilized argument
     list to avoid re-evaluating the function's arguments twice.  */
  tree fn = build_call_nofold_loc (EXPR_LOCATION (exp), fndecl, 2, arg1, arg2);
  gcc_assert (TREE_CODE (fn) == CALL_EXPR);
  return expand_call (fn, target, target == const0_rtx);


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