On 04/05/2018 07:28 PM, Martin Sebor wrote:
Attached is the final version of the patch to adjust the lists
of options (C++ Language Options and -Wall) to include missing
C++ options, reference the forms of options that aren't
the default, and use TexInfo tables for the lists of options
in -Wall and -Wextra to address Nathan's comment.  The patch
also fixes bug 71283.

 -Wnoexcept  -Wnoexcept-type  -Wclass-memaccess @gol
+-Wclass-memaccess -Wclobbered  -Wcomment  -Wconditionally-supported @gol

-Wclass-memaccess is already in the C++ options summary, I don't think we need to also add it to the diagnostic options summary.

-@item -Wclass-memaccess @r{(C++ and Objective-C++ only)}
+@item -Wclass-memaccess @r{(C++ only)}

You removed "and Objective-C++" only for this option? Let's either change all of them or none.

-@item -Wsubobject-linkage @r{(C++ and Objective-C++ only)}
+@item -Wno-subobject-linkage @r{(C++ and Objective-C++ only)}
 @opindex Wsubobject-linkage
 @opindex Wno-subobject-linkage
 Warn if a class type has a base or a field whose type uses the anonymous

-@item -Wdelete-incomplete @r{(C++ and Objective-C++ only)}
+@item -Wno-delete-incomplete @r{(C++ and Objective-C++ only)}
 @opindex Wdelete-incomplete
 @opindex Wno-delete-incomplete
 Warn when deleting a pointer to incomplete type, which may cause

If you're reversing the sense of the flag, please adjust the documentation to match.


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