Hi Sudi,

On 27/03/18 13:58, Sudakshina Das wrote:

This patch adds the no variant to -mstrict-align and the corresponding
function attribute. To enable the function attribute, I have modified
aarch64_can_inline_p () to allow checks even when the callee function
has no attribute. The need for this is shown by the new test

Testing: Bootstrapped, regtested and added new tests that are copies
of earlier tests checking -mstrict-align with opposite scan directives.

Is this ok for trunk?

This looks ok to me but you'll need approval from a maintainer.
Please put the PR marker in your ChangeLog so that the svn hook picks it up on 



*** gcc/ChangeLog ***

2018-03-27  Sudakshina Das  <sudi....@arm.com>

        * common/config/aarch64/aarch64-common.c (aarch64_handle_option):
        Check val before adding MASK_STRICT_ALIGN to opts->x_target_flags.
        * config/aarch64/aarch64.opt (mstrict-align): Remove RejectNegative.
        * config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_attributes): Mark allow_neg
        as true for strict-align.
        (aarch64_can_inline_p): Perform checks even when callee has no
        attributes to check for strict alignment.
        * doc/extend.texi (AArch64 Function Attributes): Document
        * doc/invoke.texi: (AArch64 Options): Likewise.

*** gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog ***

2018-03-27  Sudakshina Das  <sudi....@arm.com>

        * gcc.target/aarch64/pr84882.c: New test.
        * gcc.target/aarch64/target_attr_18.c: Likewise.

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