Hi All,

The patch series will allow AArch64 to use 64k guard sizes correctly and 
improves the code quality.
It also enables a reduction of the overhead in code size over the current GCC 8 

Using 64k guard sizes results in a reduction in overhead compared to the 4k 
guard size.
The code size overhead of enabling stack clash protection with this patch 
series is ~0.86% vs
the ~0.96% of the current GCC 8 implementation.

All measurements were done over spec2017.

This series will also contain some mid-end changes required for alloca in order 
allow targets to opt in to a different implementation via a target hook.  As 
using this hook will require the target to provide certain guarantees, but the 
is a smaller alloca implementation and one that doesn't need an extra register 
for targets
which have a limited offset for the probe instructions.



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