On Fri, Nov 08 2019, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> If get_ref_base_and_extent returns poly_int offsets or sizes,
> tree-sra.c:create_access prevents SRA from being applied to the base.
> However, we haven't verified by that point that we have a valid base
> to disqualify.
> This originally led to an ICE on the attached testcase, but it
> no longer triggers there after the introduction of IPA SRA.
> Tested on aarch64-linux-gnu and x86_64-linux-gnu.  OK to install?
> Richard
> 2019-11-08  Richard Sandiford  <richard.sandif...@arm.com>
> gcc/
>       * tree-sra.c (create_access): Delay disqualifying the base
>       for poly_int values until we know we have a base.

I can't approve the patch but it looks fine.



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