On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 02:26:53PM +0000, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
> Updated to add better support for diff-ing .md files.

The following patch adds the descr/undescr aliases (for converting to
monotonically increasing revision numbers and back) there next to svn-rev.
Both have been changed to use basepoints/gcc-* tags instead of
branchpoints/gcc-*, the first one now supports --full option, where
$ git descr origin/master
$ git descr --full origin/master
where the second form is what is used in gcc-cvs mail bodies and bugzilla
comments from commits, the former what is used in the subjects.
The second alias has been tweaked to use git config --get gcc-config.upstream
with fallback to origin to be able to deal with non-default upstream

Ok for trunk once your changes are in (and once the basepoints are pushed
into the upstream repository)?

2020-01-13  Jakub Jelinek  <ja...@redhat.com>

        * contrib/gcc-git-customization: Add git descr and undescr aliases.

--- contrib/gcc-git-customization.jj    2020-01-12 00:25:19.697684793 +0100
+++ contrib/gcc-git-customization       2020-01-13 12:27:33.154283245 +0100
@@ -20,6 +20,11 @@ ask () {
 # Add a git command to find the git commit equivalent to legacy SVN revision 
 git config alias.svn-rev '!f() { rev=$1; shift; git log --all 
--grep="From-SVN: r$rev\\b" "${@}"; } ; f'
+# Add git commands to convert git commit to monotonically increasing revision 
+# and vice versa
+git config alias.descr \!"f() { if test \${1:-no} = --full; then r=\$(git 
describe --all --abbrev=40 --match 'basepoints/gcc-[0-9]*' \${2:-master} | sed 
-n 's,^tags/basepoints/gcc-,r,p'); expr match \${r:-no} '^r[0-9]\\+\$' 
>/dev/null && r=\${r}-0-g\$(git rev-parse \${2:-master}); test -n \$r && echo 
\${r}; else git describe --all --match 'basepoints/gcc-[0-9]*' \${1:-master} | 
sed -n 
 fi; }; f"
+git config alias.undescr \!"f() { o=\$(git config --get gcc-config.upstream); 
r=\$(echo \$1 | sed -n 's,^r\\([0-9]\\+\\)-[0-9]\\+\$,\\1,p'); n=\$(echo \$1 | 
sed -n 's,^r[0-9]\\+-\\([0-9]\\+\\)\$,\\1,p'); test -z \$r && echo Invalid id 
\$1 && exit 1; h=\$(git rev-parse --verify --quiet 
\${o:-origin}/releases/gcc-\$r); test -z \$h && h=\$(git rev-parse --verify 
--quiet \${o:-origin}/master); p=\$(git describe --all --match 
'basepoints/gcc-'\$r \$h | sed -n 
 git rev-parse --verify \$h~\$(expr \$p - \$n); }; f"
 # Make diff on MD files uses "(define" as a function marker.
 # Use this in conjunction with a .gitattributes file containing
 # *.md    diff=md


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