Hi all,

I'll offer my first patch to the new 4.8 trunk. I noticed that the -fbacktrace 
option and the GFORTRAN_ERROR_BACKTRACE environment variable are somewhat 
inconsistently handled. Currently, the environment variabled doesn't actually 
override the compilation option, as it should. So, I set to change that 
(checking both options.backtrace and compile_options.backtrace instead of only 
the latter) when I realized that we could improve this further by moving the 
checking code: it is currently located in the set_options() function, which is 
called from the main Fortran routine (call generated by the front-end). This 
means that it's not triggered if the main program is C. So, by moving it in the 
main initialization routine, we can ensure that an executable with a C main 
program but run using GFORTRAN_ERROR_BACKTRACE=Y will actually generate 
backtraces for Fortran errors, which I think is the cool thing to do.

Full disclosure: I removed the function maybe_find_addr2line() because it's not 
needed anymore now the code was regrouped. However, I'll note that I don't 
understand why it was useful before, and that I think the comment on top of it 
was wrong (variable "options" could be seen in the function, it was just 
shadowed by the local function argument!). Thus, while I was at it, I renamed 
the options argument to set_options(), just to make sure we didn't have a 
problem of this sort in the future.

The change was bootstrapped and regtested on x86_64-apple-darwin11, but is an 
area not covered by the testsuite. I have manually checked that running various 
types of abort, both in a pure Fortran code and a mixed C/Fortran (with C 
main), with all combinations -fno-backtrace/GFORTRAN_ERROR_BACKTRACE, behaved 
as expected.

OK to commit to trunk?

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