> Thus, this patch adds a warning flag for this purpose - and it also excludes 
> those warnings from the default setting. That's a bit in line with Fortran 
> 2008 and TS 29113, which remove more and more constraints and force the users 
> to ensure themselves that the variables are interoperable. However, keeping 
> it as default warning is also fine with me.

No, please really remove them, I find them really annoying (and I think I 
argued against it at some point during ISO_C_BINDING merge!). They warn you not 
about something that is wrong, but something that is unportable and could be 
wrong, but probably is OK in most cases. It can have value, but not as a 
default warning I think.

I don't think I can approve patches given that I'm not following gfortran 
development very closely, but if I could I would approve it, it seems OK :)


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