Rebuilding gcc was failing for me because the rule for gnat_ugn.texi was trying to use xgnatugn before it had been built. Fixed by making it directly, like the rule for projects.texi.

OK for trunk?
commit 2ad07fd7f293027ed3f779fc0d7e79b58a4b7e2a
Author: Jason Merrill <>
Date:   Mon Mar 5 16:05:23 2012 -0500

    	* gcc-interface/ (doc/gnat_ugn.texi): Build xgnatugn
    	before using it.

diff --git a/gcc/ada/gcc-interface/ b/gcc/ada/gcc-interface/
index 06a8803..8a2f346 100644
--- a/gcc/ada/gcc-interface/
+++ b/gcc/ada/gcc-interface/
@@ -667,6 +667,7 @@ ada/doctools/xgnatugn$(build_exeext): ada/xgnatugn.adb
 doc/gnat_ugn.texi: $(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ugn.texi $(srcdir)/ada/ug_words \
    doc/projects.texi $(gcc_docdir)/include/gcc-common.texi gcc-vers.texi
+	$(MAKE) ada/doctools/xgnatugn$(build_exeext)
 	ada/doctools/xgnatugn unw $(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ugn.texi \
 	   $(srcdir)/ada/ug_words doc/gnat_ugn.texi

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