2012/3/8 Georg-Johann Lay <a...@gjlay.de>:
> This patch adds a "w" alternative to *addhi3 and addhi3_clobber in order to
> vote for class "w". This is similar to the orgiginal addhi3 insn up to version
> 4.6.  And there is no more explicit vote for "l" in addhi3_clobber, it's just 
> "r".
> Intention is to get a better usage of ADIW and SBIW instructions.
> Would it be good to split the alternatives even more and add "?" costs to 
> non-w
> registers?
> Moreover, it might be advantageous to move addhi3_clobber up and before 
> *addhi3?

You can try and look at output.

> Passed without regressions.
> Ok for trunk?
> Johann
>        * config/avr/avr.md (*addhi3, addhi3_clobber): Add "w" alternative
>        for constants in [-63,63].



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