On Thu, 8 Mar 2012, Tristan Gingold wrote:

> Argh, that's an issue.  We don't run the gcc test suite natively on VMS
> because there is no port of Dejagnu (if ever doable) to VMS.  We haven't tried
> to test a cross-compiler (and running the executable on the VMS host) because
> an early attempt for another test suite pointed out slowness and reliability
> issues.  VMS machines could be considered as slow from today's standard POV.
> I haven't found a method to run only the compile tests and skip the executing 
> one.
> Is it possible to do that with the gcc test suite ?  That's would be very
> useful to test cross compilers.

Thanks for the explanation.  I advise solving the unreliability issues for 
cross-testing to VMS (and living with the slowness), so that you can run 
the testsuite, but the patch is OK as-is.

Joseph S. Myers

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