On 01/03/2012 22:09, Bernhard Reutner-Fischer wrote:
> Hi,
> By now we have quite some leftover modules in the testsuite, again.
> Given that the previous suggestion in this thread -- to have a separate
> script in contrib -- did not trigger any reaction, let me suggest the
> patch below instead.
> Teach the testsuite to cleanup the modules.
> We do this by grepping for the module names and implicitly deleting them
> when the test is finished. For the testcases that use modules from other
> files we introduce a keep-modules procedure that keeps either all ("",
> i.e. empty list) or the given modules of the source file.
> A follow-up patch would remove the now superfluous cleanup-module calls
> in the remaining testcases. Since that patch is pretty big (~360k) i do
> not intend to send it in but want to apply it straight to the repo (it's
> just a sed '/cleanup-modules/d' on the testcases that do not occur in
> the below patch).
> Is it ok to reference ../doc in the ChangeLog entry below to keep the
> documentation change associated with the script itself?
No, the changes are associated by being in the same commit (and their
ChangeLog entries in the same subversion commit log).

> The patch was bootstrapped and regression tested using tcl-8.5 on
> x86_64-linux-gnu with no new regressions.
> Ok for trunk?

According to http://tmml.sourceforge.net/doc/tcl/regexp.html
you can use the -nocase option (= case insensitive) to simplify the
regexp patterns.
I noticed one whitespace inconsistency in keep-modules.
Otherwise it looks good to me (but I'm not a testsuite maintainer).


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