Steven Bosscher wrote:
This cleans up some remnants of the ancestors of fortran's convert.c,
which was copied from GNAT IIRC. I would bootstrap&test this, but trunk appears 
to be broken for x86_64-linux right now (ICE in patch_jump_insn). But I can post 
for review, at least.
OK for trunk, after bootstrap+test?

Your patch seems to have caused many Fortran regressions. At least I see with 185156 only one (known) failure, cf.

While starting with 185160 there are many, many gfortran failures, cf.


        * (convert.o): Depend on convert.h.
        * convert.c: Header and comment cleanups.
        (gfc_thruthvalue_conversion): Rename static function
        to truthvalue_conversion.  Do not use 'internal_error' from here,
        use 'gcc_unreachable' instead.
        (convert): Do not use 'error' for conversions to void, use
        'gcc_unreachable' instead.  Likewise for conversions to non-scalar
        types.  Do not hanlde ENUMERAL_TYPE, the front end never creates them.
        Clean up #if 0 code.

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