These patches are OK for trunk and fortran-dev.

Many thanks


On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 4:53 PM, Tobias Burnus <> wrote:
> The attached patch renames (in libgfortran/) the array descriptor's "data"
> field to "base_addr" and "lbound" to "lower_bound".
> The reason is that Technical Specification (TS) 29113* uses those names in
> their C bindings, defined in ISO_Fortran_binding.h. But I would like to
> include that header file in libgfortran/libgfortran.h (cf. fortran-dev
> branch). Hence, the renaming.
> In order to make later merging of the fortran-dev branch into the trunk
> easier to review, I'd prefer to commit this patch already to the trunk, but
> it can also be commit to the branch.
> The patch shouldn't have any effect in terms of the ABI, however, I am not
> sure whether it formally fulfills the criteria in C99's 6.2.7p1**
> (compatible type and composite type). On the other hand, the fields in the
> dimension triplet are already differently named: "ubound"
> (gcc/fortran/trans-types.c) vs. "_ubound" (libgfortran/libgfortran.h).
> Okay for the trunk? (Or for the fortran-dev branch?) Comments?
> (Bootstrapped and regtested on x86-64-linux.)
> Tobias
> * Current TS 29113 draft:
> ** C99 plus TC1 to TC3,

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