Dear Tobias,

> At some point, the extent calculation should be updated. Dumps like the
> following hurt, even if -O1 handles* them:
> (((D.1871->dim[0].lower_bound + D.1871->dim[0].extent) + -1) -
> D.1871->dim[0].lower_bound) + 1.
> [* maybe -fstrict-overflow and/or -fno-protect-parens is required in
> addition]

It was always the intention that the temporary API, which translates
the present representation to the new, should be replaced in places
where inefficient code is generated.

Well done - you are making good progress on the first stage of
changing the array descriptor.  The next stage should be to get rid of
the inefficiencies such as that above.  Then we can add all the new
fields out side of the dimension array.



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