On Mon, 12 Mar 2012, Martin Jambor wrote:

> Hi,
> when we expand a misaligned MEM_REF on the LHS, we must not call the
> code in expand_expr_real_1 if the subsequent patch is applied, because
> the code generates code extracting the contents of the memory to a
> register, which is of course bad if the intent is to write into that
> memory.  Therefore expand_assignment should expand MEM_REFs itself,
> just as it do when it encounters naked misaligned ones.

Just a quick comment here - the expand_expr_real_1 code needs
to be guarded with exactly the same conditions as the misaligned
LHS case to be able to call expand_expr on it and generate a
naked MEM.  So if that is not working you have a bug in the RHS
side handling ;)


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