On 03/12/12 09:22, Rainer Orth wrote:
> There are only two issues:
> * In alpha.c (alpha_option_override), it's unclear if the optimize > 0
>   test can be removed completely.

Yeah, I guess leave that for now.

> * During testing, I ran into this error:
>   alpha.md:5861: `*builtin_setjmp_receiver_er_1' matches 
> `*builtin_setjmp_receiver_er_sl_1'
>   alpha.md:5856: previous definition of `*builtin_setjmp_receiver_er_sl_1'

Delete builtin_setjmp_receiver_er_1, which ought to have had && 
but since patterns are matched in order, was implied by the filtering of the 
previous pattern.


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